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Hi my name is leon i was diagnosed with Gp  2011 my second year in college i was 19 im now 26. Ive learned a lot over these past 7 years from going to the hospital once or twice a month to hospital to now only about once every two,three months and may know a little that can help you deal with it a little better…first and for most i give all praise to god because with out him i would have never made it this far. Some people might know some of the few ways ive learned to fight some of our symptoms but if you dont i can list one major one now for my nausea and that is a HOT SHOWER HOT AS MY BODY CAN STAND and i juss toss in the hot water and rub my belly till she jump starts lol …srry for the lol but #2 through all the pain and struggle still smile and if you need to lnow any other ways that i have got through this fill free to email me []b/c i have lots of little things that helps with pain and all sorts of things that we go throgh please fill free to contact and im allways open to see what may helps anybody else b/c i still go through and its still hard each time i go to hospital or get sick i come to realize that no matter how long ive been through this my body wont get use to this feeling each time is like the first time it ever happened to me []

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