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My name is Eva Butler, and i have one peice of advice that has truly helped me 

I can also remember when i first got this condition. It was after a take away and something didnt feel right the food was not moving. Then the vommiting started, and saldy it hasnt stopped. I am in my last year of univeristy and am struggeling like anything to complete it. I feel very helpless. Saying that my condition has gotten alot better. I think this mainly due to eating plain foods and SQUASH. drinking large aounts of robbisons apple and black current squash or ribeina seems to help my stomac a bit. I still cant eat alot and do feel quite ill alot of the time, but it dose help the vomitng to an extent. If any one else has any ideas please let me know, as i want to complete my univeirsty experince but dont being in uni feeling ill and bloated alot of the time is dfficult. Any help would be good, but squash dose help to an extent 

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