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I have strained to poop most my life. For the last two years, age 66, had major problems with constipation. Tried EVERYTHING. READ EVERYTHING AND FOLLOWED IT ALL! NOTHING WORKED VERY WELL, and I was straining way too much. BUT, FINALLY FINALLY, got it! NORMALCY, but I must follow a strict diet, everyday. They did all kinds of tests, etc., and sent me to PHYSICAL THERAPY. YES, PHYSICAL THERAPY! IT WORKS!

  1. Drink half your body weight in plain water every day.
  2. Don’t eat too much fiber…I was eating 18 to 20 fibers a day. Wrong! 13 fibers a day seems perfect, up to 15! Too much fiber is like a traffic jam….it won’t move. But take away some of the cars, and the traffic is no longer jammed, and starts to flow!
  3. I add aloe Vera whole leaf to 15 oz of warm water first thing in morning. 1/2 whole pear every morning. Eat carbs and proteins together.
  4. I do stretching exercises of the pelvic muscles before getting out of bed, and a minute or so of a hand vibrator around my intestines and colon.
  5. You must walk walk walk. I must walk and move or I won’t go.
  6. Learn to relax pelvic muscles, anal muscles, and breathe when pushing and pooping….don’t push and strain……or the anal canal actually closes.

A physical therapist can show you how to properly poop. I had slow intestinal movement, but with all of the above, I go 6 times a week. I must be diligent each and every day. It works! Thanks to my physical therapist I am not consumed with constipation 24/7!

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