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I have suffered with severe constipation all my adult life, have visited many specialists, had colonoscopies and other tests done but all seemed ok.
This last time was extreme. 3 weeks, nothing!!!!!. I went seeking help. The doctor gave me medicine. I landed up in ER, they gave me more gastly medicine and sent me on my way. It didn’t work. I landed up back there. They tripled the dose. It worked, but only for that day and then nothing. I was sent off to the specialist. He gave me more purging medicine. It worked, but again only for the day. I went back to him. He set up a colonoscopy for me and if nothing found a scan and if nothing there it would be physical and that meant purging medicine for the rest of my life (I’m 58). Or last resort removing my colon and joining the intestines. I went into shock. No ways. I’m far to young. I have lots to do. So I decided there and then to change things, and this is what I do. 19 days so far of bliss. Everything works. This is basically what I do.
I cut out gluten and dairy, and for 2 weeks no alcohol. I don’t eat red meat, chicken or pork. Only fish.
I wake up and do the following religiously;
Glass of water
Tablespoon of olive oil
Glass of water.
Thistle tea
High fiber breakfast. Not oats though.
Water, water and more water
High fiber and protein lunch.
Kiwifruit x2
Dinner high fibre and protein.
I add calcium through other food, almond milk and foods I can find with calcium in.
Before bed I take a magnesium supplement. I believe it’s good for the digestive system.
I eat a lot of lentils and beans. I have now introduced a glass of wine at night followed by water, as alcohol is dehydrating.
I drink loads of different herbal teas. Actually quite nice.
It sounds hectic but it’s not. I’m pretty disciplined, especially after the last episode of constipation.

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