I’ve came across this website by doing research on the symptoms and issues I’ve been having.

A couple of years ago, I started to have bouts of constipation.  I didn ‘t think much of it.  I would just treat the symptoms with a laxative as needed.  Then over the past year, it’s gotten a lot worse.  It doesn’t seem to matter what I ate, I would balloon up like I’m about 9 months pregnant.  I’m a petite person, I eat healthy, unprocessed food and exercise several times a week.  The pressure of how big my stomach gets makes it uncomfortable to sit.  People dismiss me…they say, “eat some fiber, drink coffee..” but nothing works.  Finally I seen a GI specialist and told me it was IBS, and there is basically nothing they can do for it.  I haven’t had a BM in days.  It is so depressing because none of my clothes fit.  I want to look professional at my job and it seems the only clothes that I can wear make me feel dumpy.  I get to the point I don’t want to go anywhere.  When I wake up with a flat stomach, all I can do is think all day how I can keep from bloating up so I can wear something nice.   I’m afraid to even eat anymore.

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