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Yesterday i turned 15, i am a male who has been struggling with ibs since 11 years old. I attend a fairly large high school and it is very difficult dealing with ibs, teachers are strict and won’t let you use the bathroom or if you do they give you 5 minutes. I hate sitting in class and just feeling like i’m going to die. A couple times i have barely made it to the bathroom and sometimes there is no toilet paper and life just seems hopeless at that moment, I don’t even try dating girls my symptoms scare me, i cant go over to there house because I’m constantly worried. I am the starting running back and kicker for my football team and also i play soccer, i have missed so many matches and even my championship game because of my symptoms, sometimes life seems so pointless to me like why do i suffer i feel like the only one, but i know so many others struggle with it. i just pray one day they will find a cure.Im here to say that anyone dealing with ibs just stay strong, i pray to god that he will help me and all my brothers and sisters dealing with this. Try to be joyful even though you are weighed down, keep healthy and make the most of this very short life one day all the pain and suffering will be gone i promise. Also i have found that metamusol or fiber power has helped a lot with dealing with ibs. Thank you an just remember through every dark night,there is a bright day ahead!

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