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I am starting to think I may have IBS with constipation. It is incredibly painful. ive had pain that started last night and has been going till this afternoon, almost at 24 hours. there is no relief cause I can’t go to the bathroom there will be intense pressure, horribly painful! but nothing will come out. sometimes ill take something to make me go but I can only do that on the weekends cause it will give me diarreah and horrible pain. ive tired some changes to my diet like cutting out anything greasy but it would still happen so I then ate whatever for two weekends straight and nothing happened. I can’t seem to find a trigger. im in trouble at work because I have missed some days and they don’t allow leniency for anything. ive been tracking my pain and I deal with some sort of discomfort every day. this is horrible and im in so much pain. does anyone struggle with ibs and constipation? also can you guys eat whatever you want sometimes and not have symptoms? im trying to get some answers. I’m so sorry for everyone dealing with this ibs in any form.

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