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Im a 28 year old female. Ever since I could remember I’ve strugged with my bowls. For years it’s been periods of contipation with bloating, gas pressure, pain.Then usually the loose bowels, constant trips to the bathroom, thefear of not making it, the dehydration. I tried balancing between laxatives, stool softners, enemas and immodium type meds. When I would voice my concerns to the doctors telling them that I knew this couldn’t be normal they would make me feel like its all in my head, or just say it was stress and brushed it off.A few months ago I had to have my gallbladder removed, it got to the point that anything I ate would trigger the awful attack of pain. After the surgery my digestive problems are worse and more frequent. To add to them now theres the frequent urge to go right after or during a meal. I’ve had tests and so far no one knows. They’ve thrown around ibs, celiac disease, stress and im scheduled for an endoscopy in a few days. I feel like im being bounced around and that they’re just guessing. I hate this, I can’t ho out with friends, work is hell most days. Im always tired, im scared of even having to eat. I resent having to eat some days I’ll just drink those nutritional shakes to avoid dealing whith this. Im scared this will mean more surgery down the line.I just want to be normal.

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