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Since childhood i had some episodes of gastritis (diagnosed when i was a teen). It got much better when I went to college and got older. Still, I had occassional issues over the years, especially during times of high stress- and there has been much of that. About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with GERT, they said it was moderate, but i avoided all dairy except some cheese and had few symptoms. Four years ago i had an unknown food allergy- (bananas and avocados it turned out)that made me so ill i had an endoscopy. Then they said I had a fairly large hiatal hernia that may eventually need surgery and i told them I don’t do surgery and pursued homeopathic and dietary solutions which have worked for me. Now at 61, I have been struggling with a sudden onset of something very akin to IBS. technically I’m not diagnosed as it’s been a month and inconsistent- however, the bouts have been frequent and i have been very ill with it. I’m going for another endoscopy in a month and will find out what is going on then. In the meantime, I’ve continued reading blogs and on sites like this and have gotten very familiar with diet interventions that have shown great success. that is why i wanted to post. I found a plan called “Great taste, no pain.” essentially it’s based on science regarding how our digestive system works with different foods and the focus is on eating certain foods together- and avoiding certain combinations altogether. sound hard, but it’s not. I implemented it and felt so much better I almost cancelled the endoscopy- but know better and didn’t. I did fine at thanksgiving- and it just requires some planning. I have a family and a busy career and teens with some allergies, so I wondered if I could mange it all and I have. I only got tripped up when I ate a take out sandwich which combined bread (simple carb) with cheese and it started an issue. Also, i do have to be careful of allergies ans they can set this thing off and it’s hard to twell what is causing the issue when i eat a wrong food. i will add that at 61, I take no medication, have always had excellent health and no allergies until older. However, gut issue cause more allergies due to autoimmune issues kicking in- so if you are young, turn this around with FOOD now.Hope this is helpful.

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