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I bumped into this website researching Spastic Colon/IBS

I have suffered with constipation since age 38. I am now age 61. I have also battled chronic GERD from ages 49-57.

Now I am battling a spastic colon that my gastro doc says I may have. I went to his office last week due to the severe pain I was experiencing. Since I took 3 advil that early morning, he could not get a true examination picture of what was going on. I had pain in my lower lower abdomen, bloating, feeling gas throughout my abdomen. My doc has always recommended Miralax, in the past but I fought against it and preferred Psyllium husks. But since my water intake is not great, I no longer use the husks. My illness last week took 3-4 days to disappear.

Last night went out to a popular seafood restaurant (spouse & i have been eating there for over 5 years). I had a broiled lobster, red rice, salad, broccoli. This morning I woke up doubled over in pain again. These painful experiences has only happened to me about 2 times.

Was it the broccoli and the salad? I eat and love salads. Does anyone suffer from IBS due to constipation and IBS not due to constipation. I really do not want to visit the doctor again. I am wits end and find that only drinking ginger tea and rest helps.

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