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Hi i am sophia I am 13 years old and i was diagnosed with GERD when i was 6. Hearing all these stories of the effects of GERD have had me thinking of how not so bad my life actually is. When i was very little i used to brag about having it. Now GERD is just a daily part of life. I take a pill twice a day, and I have a lot of stomach aches. sometimes it worries me when I hear about the heartburn because I always feel it in my stomach. (I am seeing a specialist about that next week) but my parents just say its because I am young, but I don’t think that is why. I throw up after eating icecream and I don’t eat before it. If the icecream is mint, it doesn’t matter, I just throw up. coffee is really bad for me, I have stomach aches every day and often am on the toilet. but after reading about how GI disorders affect other people I realize how good I have it.

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