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Im a college student, Im a female, Im 20 years old. I got IBS shortly after I delivered my first baby, before that I never had any problems. My sister also got it after her first child and she has it acting up again since shes pregnant again with her second child. My sister told me to take “Culturelle Probiotics”, you can find it at Walmart and its like $18.00 for a month supply but it works! It replaces the bad bacteria in your digestive system with good bacteria. Before I started taking Culturelle I would wake up multiple times a night and several times a day with IBS attack. I was scared to go anywhere because I was afraid it hit me. Now I only get them if i eat the wrong foods. My child is 4 1/2 months old now and I still have random episodes especially if I eat something that triggers it. I havent figured out what all the foods that trigger mine are yet. Coffee is definitely something I cant take anymore. You have to figure out what foods trigger yours. You can google the common foods that usually trigger IBS to give you a start. Gassy foods like beans or juice, caffeine, etc. I only get like one attack a month if that now, I basically go without any, IBS is not a problem for me anymore. Culturelle is a life saver! Id like to hear from how many people that tried “Culturelle” that it helped.

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