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Hello Guys,

Just wanted to write about my experience so far and see if anyone have any similar stories and any treatments that help. It all started about 2 months ago in the middle of April, I was eating some strawberries and laid down right away and all of a sudden felt like a weird sensation in the middle of the chest. I thought it was normal at first just to have my first heart burn ever. Told my dad about it and he said it was a normal heart burn.

It happened a couple more times a week or two after. That same feeling. It made it harder to breathe and started to feel a chest in my pain. Until this day I still have lingering chest pain with a heavy feeling in my esophagus and inmy upper abdomen. I feel like I eat very few and still feel full very quickly. 

I had constipation in the early stages which even gave me a hemmoroid. I felt like I had gas all the time, bloating, minor cramps and not to mention that the bowel movements and flatulence smelled worst than ever before. It all sucks because it is happening during the time of the pandemic which doctors only want to talk with you through the phone.

I called a doctor, who wasn’t mine, stated that I might have bacteria in my stomach, but gave me stool softeners and it helped in that portion. He told me that I should take a blood test and stool test to see if I have bacteria in my stomach. At this point I feel like I have something, but I haven’t been diagnosed yet due to this pandemic.

I went to the Emergency Room not too long ago complains about my chest pain and stomach problems. All they did was give me an ecg and blood tests which everything came back fine. All they did was told me not to stress. How is that going to make anything better? I tried not to stress, but it gave me anxiety especially while driving which makes the chest pain worst. Trying not to let that control me because I am almost done with my bachelors degree and I can’t let that get in the way of my success. I am also working part time so it gets hard to live a normal life with “GERD” or as I assume because I’m not diagnosed yet.

Anyways the emergency room gave me omeprazole and I only took it for 12 days, my doctor finally felt concerned and called me. He then prescribed me with nexium once a day 20 mg. I feel like it helped somewhat, but feeling full fast and chest pain is still lingering. Sad that this pandemic is costing other people’s problems on hold. I’m going to try to call my doctor next week to put an appointment for a full body exam. He said he wanted to do a stools test, blood test and so on in a couple of months, but at this point I am anxious and want to see him sooner.

I even changed my diet too! I don’t eat 3 times a day anymore, but split 5 to 6 small snacks. I don’t drink wine anymore or caffeinated drinks anymore. I feel like I changed so much for this problem, but still it is lingering. I pray to god everyday, which makes me feel better because I see myself as a spirtual person. I try so hard not to eat chocolate, but gets so hard. I even try to limit a lot of meat. At this point, I’m turning a vegetarian. I pray for everyone with this problem and hopefully we can help each other heal! Can’t wait to be diagnosed so I can know fully what to deal with and how to manage it. I dont want surgery, so looking forward to lifestyle changes. But I seriously feel I have GERD. Please let me know or comment if you feel the same and share your story!

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