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I am 29 years old and have been suffering IBS-D (sometimes C) since I was possibly 15 years old. I was officially diagnosed by my GI about 3 and a half years ago. Its good to know what it is, but sadly so devastating there is not alot that can be done. I useto have specific symptoms that would indicate a flare up, but as time goes on I find symptoms changing yearly. Right now I suffer from sharp painful cramping across the top, bottom and down left side of my stomach. Which in turn leads to explosive watery D as much as 5-7 times with 2 hours. It can happen so randomly like it comes straight out of nowhere to smack you right in the face! lately this has been happening during the middle of the day, whereas before at night or first thing in the morning. Sometimes I run to the bathroom within minutes of eating with no pain just urgency! I have tried cutting down my diet which had some effect after many weeks. I take Buscopan for the pain and Imodium for the D. In conjunction to this I suffer debilitating anxiety. I guess it makes sense that when i’m anxious I have more symptoms, but this isn’t so every single time. Sometimes after a stressful situation I will get a flare up of IBS a few days later. Having both these conditions is like a death sentence some days… More anxiety = more IBS…. More IBS = more anxiety. My life has never and probably will never be the same, I cry and pine for what I feel like I’ve lost – my freedom.

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