January 3, 2021 Upper GI Disorders

My story begins in the year 2012. In July of that year, I began to experience severe symptoms of gastroenteritis. My symptoms included severe dyspepsia or indigestion, weight loss, inappetance and nausea sometimes accompanied by vomiting. Up to this point in my life (age 57) I dont recall ever experiencing any chronic or acute gastrointestinal issues except for the very occasional stomach flu,


September 26, 2020 Upper GI Disorders

This all started sometime in June this year..  I had lunch and slept off... On waking up, it was just like my whole chest to stomach area was filled up. I had never felt anything like it brfore.. I was so scared because of Covid-19 so I didn't go to the hospital... I got anti biotics because I felt I just had chest congestion due to a cold. It got worse till I later discovered it might be


August 9, 2020 Upper GI Disorders

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was June 25, the day that Michael Jackson died. I was watching it from the family flooring store I was working out on my laptop, and I had been drinking V-8 juice and the V-8 fruit juice when it hit me. I thought I was having a heart attack, the pain behind my breast bone was so bad it felt like I had been shot.

    I got up from m


April 23, 2020 Upper GI Disorders, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Hello all! I was diagnosed with GERD in February 2020. My symptoms started around October 2019, leading to an urgent care visit after Christmas due to severe nausea. This is one thing you don't see much, as nausea usually isn't one of the prominent symptoms. I almost never get heartburn or actual acid reflux (very grateful for that!). That's only due to a careful diet and medications however, a


April 17, 2020 All Functional GI & Motility Disorders, Upper GI Disorders, Lower GI Disorders

Hi, I have been dealing with gastrointestinal issues since I was 12 years old. I am now 25 and every year my issue seems to get worse and worse. I am now in pain and uncomfortable every day. It all began in middle school as sharp pains that I would get every now and then where the only way to relieve the pain was to stretch out and lie down.  This started to happen more frequently as high


December 29, 2018 Upper GI Disorders, Lower GI Disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Hello! I'm somewhat new here, but here we go.

Ever since I was 4 (I'm 16 now) I have been dealing with what I believe is IBS. Each morning, I awake feeling nauseous. This nausea usually lasts for several hours, sometimes the whole day. This is also accompanied with extreme abdominal pain and diarrhea. I often do not eat a lot, usually because I have no appetite or I am afraid of a


October 24, 2017 Upper GI Disorders, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Lower GI Disorders

I have been dealing with gastrointestinal issues for nearly a year now after having the stomach flu in November 2016.

My symptoms were often upper and lower GI- constant diarrhea, stomach pain after eating, constant acid reflux, awful nausea, headaches, vomiting. April 2017 I took a turn for the worse and was puking every morning despite medications. I had an upper endoscopy


September 29, 2017 Upper GI Disorders

I am a 20 year old college student living in Iowa. In November of 2016, I got sick with the stomach flu. Since then, things deteriorated gastrointestinally. In December I was still having diarrhea and constant nausea, and so my family physician prescribed 40mg Protonix (pantoprazole) once daily. This helped a lot, and I would notice a difference in the morning if I waited too long taking my ant


October 24, 2016 Upper GI Disorders

I could really use some support.  I am a 54 yr old mother, grandma & wife.  I was diagnosed with IBS (but not treated with meds) about 30 years ago & fibromyalgia about 14 years ago.  About 5-1/2 years ago I suddenly got really sick to my stomach and, with no warning.  I was fine when I woke up, then suddenly started throwing up uncontrollably, noisily (which I'd nev


October 12, 2016 Upper GI Disorders, Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Hello, I am an 18 year old female who has been experiencing gastrointestinal disorder like sysmptoms for almost a year now, and am still on my journey to finding both answers and solutions.

Throughout the beginning of 2016, I experienced waves of overwhelming nausea, a dull achy pain in the pit of my stomach and an extreme dislike for food once or twice a month, lasting usually fo


February 12, 2016 Upper GI Disorders

My problem started about 2 1/2 years ago. I was at work and started feeling like I had a lump in my throat and could not breath. I also always feel bloated and have heartburn. (All tests for Peptic Ulcer, GERD negative) Sometimes the heartburn is so bad I feel like I'm having a heart attack. These epis


February 12, 2016 Upper GI Disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I was born with my problems. Doctors wanted to gve me a colostomy at birth. My parents said no. I had chronic pain always. Sometimes I could eat and sometimes I couldn't. I never had normal bowel movements. When I was able to go, it was like little rabbit pellets. I had to strain to get that out. That


February 11, 2016 Upper GI Disorders

I never thought I would consider going onto google and typing in: "stories about constipation", reading about these stories, and then feeling inclined to post my own. And yet, here I am. This topic is taboo for our culture, and after reading some of the other stories, this needs to stop. This is a symptom/disease or however you would like to refer to it that needs to be addressed, discussed, teste


February 11, 2016 Upper GI Disorders, Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, Gastroparesis, Lower GI Disorders, Other FGIMD

Gastroparesis the beginning. I believe my journey began in 1989 with the first migraine, but I didn't realize it. The first migraine I had was a reaction to Indocin. I thought, at the time! And it may very well have been! What you also need to know? Is that I was an avid exerciser, biker, jogger, and really worked at being healthy. Always had sinus and constipation issues but did my best to get


February 11, 2016 Upper GI Disorders

I have dealt with constipations as long as I can remember. I am now 65 in good health apart from the fact that now I have diarrhea that can happen anytime anywhere. My husband and I moved to OK 1 year ago from CA. 2 months ago I was in a Belk Department store looking for a gift for my grand daughter and I knew I was going to loose control of my bowels. The ladies bathroom room was at the other end


February 11, 2016 Upper GI Disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I am a 27-year-old female. My problems began ten years ago. When I was 17, I had a bowel obstruction. This seemed to happen out of nowhere, and I don't remember having symptoms prior to this. I had no idea what was happening to me, and assumed that my appendix had burst. It was the worst pain I have ever felt. My mother took me to the ER, and I was admitted to the hospital, where I had to under